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Important TOK articles
Initial Videos

Intellectuals and Society, by Thomas Sowell Recommended viewing
Why Eyes Witnesses Get It Wrong Mandatory Viewing
On Being Wrong Mandatory Viewing
Doctors Make Mistakes Mandatory Viewing
In Pursuit of Ignorance
Regression to the Mean (video)
Why Beauty Matters (BBC Video)
Interview with David Berlinski

Recent articles that I have on twitter that have some bearing upon TOK and Critical Thinking



Some Visuals The Following ppt must be read and studied by all TOK students
Be sure to read the paper or watch the news (especially the National Post).  You'll come across something that strikes you and you should try to wonder about the knowledge implications of whatever it is that interests you.  Remember, personal discoveries, or "aha moments" can and should be made into a presentation (if something clicked, if something happened that made you realize that there really are different ways of knowing, or a personal experience made you realize something, etc.).