"I shall put enmity between you and the woman, between your offspring and hers" (Gn 3, 15)

Janet Smith (Professor of Moral Philosophy)

Articles by Dr. Janet Smith on topics ranging from
Abortion, Bioethics, Feminism & Women and the Family to Moral Philosophy
and an exhaustive defense of Humanae Vitae,
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Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later (read on...)
Contraception: Why Not? (read on...)
Natural Family Planning and Self-Mastery (read on...)
The Christian View of Sex: A Time for Apologetics, not Apologies (read on...)
Language of the Body (read on...)
Premarital Sex (read on...)
He Taught Us Who We Are (read on...)

Dianne Irving (Professor of Philosophy and Medical Ethics)

Lifeissues.net has published a large number of articles by Dr. Irving on the Development of the Embryo, Cloning,
the Nature of Bioethics, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, In Vitro Fertilization,
the Role of Ethics in Science, etc.,.
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When do humans begin?  (read on...)
The bioethics mess (read on...)
Terri Schiavo: Myths and Facts (read on...)
The Woman and the Physician Facing Abortion (read on...)
When Do Human Beings Begin? "Scientific" Myths and Scientific Facts (read on...)
Which Medical Ethics for the 21st Century? (read on...)
The Bioethics Mess at CERC
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Maggie Gallagher (Nationally Syndicated Columnist and a leading voice in the new marriage movement)

The Archives of Maggie Gallagher contain articles since 2000.  Her topics
cover a very wide range from Feminism, Euthanasia, Marriage, to Politics, Popular Culture,
Sexuality, etc.
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The Institute for Marriage and Public Policy (read on...)
The Latest War Against Marriage (read on...)
Why Marriage Is Good for You (read on...)
In Defense of the Family (read on...)
Talking About Marriage and Same-Sex Unions (read on...)

Mary Ann Glendon (Professor of Law, Harvard Law School)

Mary Ann Glendon is the Learned Hand Professor of Law, at Harvard University Law School. She was named one of the "Fifty Most Influential Women Lawyers in America" in 1998 by the National Law Journal.  In 1995 she was the official Vatican representative to the international 1995 Beijing Conference on Women sponsored by the United Nations.  She writes on bioethics, comparative constitutional law and human rights in international law, and she is a Pro-life feminist. 

For Better or For Worse? (read on...)
Judicial Tourism (read on...)
Mary Ann Glendon on Today's University Students (read on...)
Mary Ann Glendon at Beijing+10 (read on...)
The Women of Roe v. Wade (read on...)
Rousseau & the Revolt Against Reason (read on...)
Opening Address at the UN Conference on Women (read on...)
Brief Bio (read on...)
Feminism and the Family an Indissoluble Marriage (read on...)
Globalization and the Church’s New Challenges (read on...)
The Pope’s New Feminism (read on...)
Rescuing Feminism from the Feminists - a book review (read on...)
Human Rights for All (read on...)
For Better or for Worse? CERC (read on...)
University Students Today: Portrait of a Generation Searching (read on...)
Expect Great Things From Benedict XVI  (read on...)

Alice Von Hildebrand (Professor Emeritus at Hunter College of the City of New York)

Reclaim the Supernatural (read on...)
From Defeat to Victory (read on...)
Introduction—Marriage: the Mystery of Faithful Love - (read on...)
Letter to a Young Girl  (read on...)
In Defense of Feelings (read on...)
Alice Von Hildebrand on Feminism and Femininity (read on...)

Elizabeth Anscombe (Professor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge)

Contraception and Chastity (read on...)
G. E. M. Anscombe: Living the Truth (read on...)
Professor Elizabeth Anscombe remembered (read on...)
Tribute to Elizabeth Anscombe by Professor Robert P. George (read on...)
G.E.M. Anscombe - Rev. George W. Rutler (read on...)

Natalie Hudson (Executive Director of the Right to Life Association of Toronto)

The Contraception Misconception (read on...)
What's Wrong with In Vitro Fertilization? (read on...)
NaproTechnology: Creating a Culture of Life Revolution (read on...)
Methotrexate & RU486 Abortions
(read on...) 
An Update on Stem Cell Research Legislation in Canada (read on...)
Genetic Illnesses and Abortion (read on...)
Letter of Introduction to Medical Students and Health Care Practitioners (read on...)
Stem Cell Symposium: A Litmus Test on the Scientific Community’s Regard for Human Life (read on...)
The Importance of Pro-Life Education (read on...)
Why not Immortality? (read on...)
World Youth for Life Day: The Worst of Days and the Best of Days (read on...)