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YCDSDB Safety Week ~ Tues Sept 26 to Fri Sept 29

This week all schools in the YCDSB will have their Safety Week which includes the practice drills of 3 important Crisis Protocols ~ (1) a Fire Drill/Evacuation, (2) a Lockdown and (3) a Hold & Secure.

All of these drills are a necessary part of maintaining a safe and secure school environment and we have been practicing & reviewing the protocols with our ... Continue reading "YCDSDB Safety Week ~ Tues Sept 26 to Fri Sept 29"

Gr. 9 Orientation Day … a huge success!

It was the first official day of the new school year and we happily welcomed the newest additions to our school community during our Gr. 9 Orientation Day.  The students rotated through a series of workshops including a Library Orientation, Drama & Leadership Games and a Scavenger Hunt.  In addition, they received their Timetables and were able to visit their Semester One classes and get ... Continue reading "Gr. 9 Orientation Day … a huge success!"

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