Future Proof your child! At Father McGivney Catholic Academy, we offer the creative edge to put your child ahead of the competition. Whether you’re applying for a career in the creative industries or in a field like engineering, our arts programming teaches students valuable skills in creative habits of mind, project management, and solution oriented thinking. Adding the arts to your education gives you a balanced and holistic learning experience, while freeing up time to focus on courses with more homework and pressure.

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Business and Computer Studies

The Business and Computer Studies department offers courses in Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Computer Science and more! Check out our website for more information on our course offerings and how students can develop their global competencies to prepare them for a variety of career paths through the acquisition of skills and knowledge in the Business and Computer Studies courses. We also offer higher level International Baccalaureate Economics courses as well. Our educational focus is to develop lifelong learners guided by our Catholic Faith.

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Canadian & World Studies


The Canadian, World Studies, and Social Sciences curriculum will enable students to become informed, purposeful, and active citizens within the diverse communities to which they belong. Students will develop the skills they need to solve problems and communicate ideas and decisions about significant developments, events, and issues. By exploring a variety of social structures, institutions, and relationships, students will be able to bring a broader perspective, integrate useful knowledge, and apply critical-thinking skills to other disciplines and areas of study.


Through the Canadian, World Studies, and Social Sciences curriculum, students realize the vision for the program as they:

  • develop the ability to use the “concepts of disciplinary thinking” to investigate issues, events, and developments
  • develop the ability to determine and apply appropriate criteria to evaluate information and evidence and to make judgements
  • develop skills and personal attributes that are needed for discipline-specific inquiry and that can be transferred to other areas in life
  • build collaborative and cooperative working relationships
  • develop a sense of responsibility with respect to the environment and of the importance of making morally and ethically responsible decisions.
  • use appropriate technology as a tool to help them gather and analyse information, solve problems, and communicate
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Chaplaincy exists to support students spiritually and emotionally during these important years of their life. Academic and social pressures, relationships and questions about identity and their future can weigh heavily on them. Whether they need someone to talk , or have questions about their faith life and vocation, we are here for them. We exist to journey with all students, regardless of their religious background or beliefs.

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Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a ministry-approved program that allows students to earn secondary school credits while completing a work placement.

Students can apply two co-op credits towards their compulsory high school graduation requirements (OSSD).

Experiential learning will provide students the opportunity to develop Christian values and practise proper ethics in the world of work.

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Guidance Department

The Guidance Department supports students by providing academic counseling as well as student wellbeing supports. Students are invited to make an appointment with their guidance counselor to discuss course selection, post-secondary pathways and scholarship information.

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Health & Physical Education

The Health and Physical Education Department at Father Michael McGivney is committed to promoting the healthy development of all students.

The courses that are offered are designed to challenge students of all fitness levels and to encourage lifelong participation in physical activity through exposure to different sport activities. Our goal is to facilitate and provide students with the opportunity to integrate the body, mind, and spirit in light of Catholic faith development.

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The Mathematics Department offers a wide range of courses for students in Grade 9 through to Grade 12. The Mathematics Department is committed to delivering high-quality education to all our students and to inspire, engage, and make a difference in the lives of students. Our teachers are committed to professional development, updating curriculum, making real world connections, integrating technology, and encouraging an appreciation for the natural beauty of mathematics.

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The Moderns Department offers meaningful opportunities for students in grades 9 to 12 to develop an appreciation of the French language and Francophone cultures worldwide. All of our courses are designed to develop receptive, productive and interactive French language skills across a range of contexts and purposes associated with academic and personal interests. Learning languages offers students significant advantages in strengthening critical thinking skills, developing and understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, considering perspectives, participating with confidence in an increasingly global employment market, and enhancing overall literacy skills. Enrolling in our French courses will allow students to gain valuable intercultural communicative competencies to support active participation in global communities.

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Religious Education

The Religious Education Curriculum at FMM is dedicated to developing knowledge and awareness in order to support ALL our students as they develop into compassionate and critical thinkers. Our focus:

  • Defense of human rights and dignity
  • The family is honoured as its most important institution
  • Multicultural and multi-faith community that broaden students’ worldviews and fosters an inclusive and welcoming community
  • An attitude of openness and appreciation for diversity
  • Concern for the development of the whole child: intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual for the formation of citizens who promote and protect the common good.
  • Global outreach and a concern for the environment
Religious Education Website


Welcome to the Father Michael McGivney Science Department. Here, students will learn about the fundamentals of scientific principles, all the while learning critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and collaboration skills. Through lecture based lessons, and performing safe and exciting experiments, students will develop and nurture these skills that will not only allow them to succeed in science classes, but in any class they are enrolled in.

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Student Services

Student Services seeks to help all children reach their full potential, regardless of how unique or special their needs may be. We recognize the differences in children, and adapt programs to meet their needs. Some children are exceptional and may require special programs and services.

Our philosophy is to provide the most enabling learning environment in which the students’ academic, physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs are met, with appropriate support, in a classroom of age appropriate peers.

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Technological Studies

The Technological Studies department offers students a variety of different courses with real world applications, through which they can develop transferable skills such as problem solving, project management, as well as inquiry and design skills. From construction technology to robotics, the technological studies courses help students become divergent and creative thinkers, developing their ability to think reflectively, work collaboratively and to solve problems.

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