FMM’s ECO Week (April 16th to 20th) a huge success!

Eco Week 2018 was a great success! FMM’s Eco Club planned a variety of activities centred around the themes of taking action and protecting not only the environment around us, but around the world. We began the week with the Signing of David Suzuki’s “Declaration of Interdependence.” Students made the pledge to “work for an evolution from dominance to partnership, from fragmentation to connection, from insecurity, to interdependence” ( The signatures of FMM community members formed into the shape of a world and remind us of our school commitment to the environment.

This week, the club also encouraged recycling and a move away from consumer culture by hosting a Trade Market where student brought in books and other items to trade with one another.  As well, a Kahoot in the cafeteria focused on the world water crisis and encouraged students to become better informed and demand justice. All of these activities led to the main event at the end of the week—Earth Hour. During Period 4 on Friday April 20th, all staff and students were invited to turn off lights and electronics in order to unplug and conserve.  Although a small act, we are called to remember that even the smallest acts can make a big difference.

Eco Week has come to an end, but we will still continue to act as responsible global citizens who recognize that together we can make a difference…#FMMTakesAction.

Thanks to ECO Club Moderators ~ Ms. O. Talarico, Ms. Racco & Ms. Shakkouri ~ for their leadership and for the entire ECO Team for putting on an engaging and interactive week of events.