Semester One Exam Schedule … now available!

In preparations for our upcoming Semester One Exams running from Friday January 25th to Thursday January 31st, please refer to the following Student Examination Schedule.

Students are reminded that they are responsible for knowing the dates & rooms of their individual exams and to arrive on time, in full uniform and with all required supplies (ie. pen/pencil, eraser, calculators, etc.)

In addition, students and parents should be clear on all of the Examination Regulations and Guidelines including issues involving absences/lates for Exams, transportation, use of electronic devices, Cafeteria services and other details.

Please note: Any student who is not able to attend an Examination due to illness MUST HAVE a parent call in by 7:55AM on the day of the Exam AND have a Medical Note provided within 24hrs of the missed Exam. A failure to follow these procedures may result in the student being assigned a ZERO for their Exam mark.