Welcome Back!

Welcome (or welcome back!) to Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy, IB World School.  We look forward to welcoming you to our FMM school community in the next few weeks and in supporting your academic success over the coming school year.  

Important Dates & Information to Know

Secondary Schedule > for each school day of the Quad

Secondary Timelines for Quad 1 (Sept to Nov) and Quad 2 (Nov to Jan)

Grade 9 Entry Dates (Morning Only — please ensure that transportation is arranged for 11AM)

THURSDAY Sept 10th >> Cohort A In-Person (Cohorts B + C Online)

FRIDAY Sept 11th >> Cohort B In-Person (Cohorts A + C Online)

All Students (Grades 9 to 12)

MONDAY Sept 14th >> Cohort A In-Person (Cohorts B + C Online)

TUESDAY Sept 15th >> Cohort B In-Person (Cohorts A + C Online)

ALL students attending In-Person classes should be in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM for their IN-CLASS days. Remote Learning students are not required to be in uniform for their online components.

Student Entry Locations

Students will enter through 1 door based on the floor of their classroom (the floor of the classroom is based on the 1st digit of the Room # on a student’s schedule). All designated Entry Doors have been labelled:

  • 1st Floor Classes  >>  Entry through Permit Doors (near Staff Parking Lot)
  • 2nd Floor Classes  >>  Entry through Servery Doors (near Daycare corner)
  • 3rd Floor Classes   >>  Entry through Main Entrance Doors 

Scheduled Entry & Exit Times 

  • School Entry Doors will be opened at 7:45AM for student entry; students arriving earlier than this time will be required to wait outside the school and maintain social distancing from other students
    • parents dropping off students should ensure that they do not arrive earlier than 7:45AM
    • students being dropped off are to use the North Parking Lot
    • upon entry, students are to report directly to their classrooms 
  • students will be dismissed at 11:00AM (using a staggered exit model to maintain safe social distancing) and are required to exit the school building/premises to return home for their Afternoon Classes

School Bus Transportation

Students eligible for school bus transportation have been informed centrally by the School Board. School buses will have a seating plan and students must adhere to this seating plan and sit in their assigned seat. School bus times have been adjusted for the 11:00AM dismissal.

How to Join your Virtual Classrooms

In order to join their Period One and Two Virtual Classrooms, students are to check their GSuite K12 email accounts daily, up to the start of the class commencement date.  They will receive a notification by their Period One and Two teachers to enter into their Virtual Classroom (either D2L or Google Classroom).

Keep in touch!!! School website ~ http://fmmh.ycdsb.ca     School Twitter ~ @FMMtweets

As you will come to learn, FMM is a vibrant and active Catholic learning community and that to really benefit from everything that we have in place and have to offer, you will need to take an active role in your learning and make sure that you maintain a positive attitude and cooperative spirit.  

Joel Chiutsi