FMM Top Scholars!!!

The York Catholic District School Board is proud to share its list of the Top Scholars from each of its secondary schools and FMM is proud to have 3 graduating students among this prestigious list!  Congratulations to:  Fiona Dan Chang, Caroline Francis and Shveta Suresh who all earned a perfect 100% average in their best 6 Grade 12 subjects.

Congratulations to our Top Scholars,” says Mary Battista, Interim Director of Education. “A perfect average is an
exceptional accomplishment and no doubt the result of many years of hard work and commitment to their studies. I am very
proud of their achievement, especially in light of the challenges over the past year and a half. I am sure that their future will be bright and full of exciting opportunities. The success of all of our Top Scholars is also due in part to their parents, families, friends, teachers, administrators and school staff who have supported and encouraged them throughout their time with York Catholic. Congratulations to all of our Top Scholars and Grade 12 graduates!

All three FMM graduates are in the school’s rigorous IB (International Baccalaureate) Programme. Fiona
will begin the Chemical Engineering Program at the University of Toronto in September. She credits her success to the
support of her family and friends who helped keep her grounded. “The IB Programme at McGivney was great,” Fiona said. “The course material was interesting and it taught me how to stay organized and develop good studying and time
management skills. I think it has prepared me well for university.”

In September, Caroline will study Life Sciences at the University of Toronto. She said that she “always wanted to become a doctor as it’s the perfect combination of logic, helping people and serving the community.” The COVID-19 Pandemic helped cement her decision. “I learned so many things about what doctors do that aren’t necessarily clinical, like the
importance of education through social media. I have so much more appreciation for doctors now.”

Shveta will begin the Clinical Psychology Program at Western University in London, ON in September. “I’m super passionate
about mental health and combating the stigma around it,” said Shveta. “I liked planning mental health initiatives, helping younger students and I made a lot of friends through the many leadership opportunities at McGivney. Participating in
extracurriculars really enhanced my high school experience.” Shveta says her motivation to do well at school comes from
her family, “My parents especially have sacrificed so much for me and have always supported me. I want to do well in school
to give back to them and make them proud.”

We celebrate these outstanding young women and are thrilled for the recognition that they have received for their outstanding achievements!